Filling out the Birth Certificate


East Hawaii Midwife Service Out-of-Hospital Birth Certificate Registration Information


We now complete birth certificate filing at bedside. We collect all information and count on our clients to fill out all personal information on line with Mobile Midwife including social security information as this information is auto populated onto Birth Certificate worksheet. 

If parents are not married there is a separate form to fill out and sign called the VEP or Voluntary Establishment of Paternity.  We can fill that out together.

The social security number if requested is processed at the same time as the birth certificate filing. The social security card arrives first.

When to social security card is received in the mail, it is then when parents can apply for the hard copy of the birth certificate on line. The cost is $10.00 for the first copy an additional fee for more copies.


Website to order Birth Certificate hard copy:


Of note due to the pandemic the  Vital Statistics folks are working at home the back log is significant therefore we are seeing a delay in about 2-3 months for a  copy of the official birth certificate. Not too much different than hospital birth parents.


At your two week visit  post birth visit we will provide you with the official documentation that you can use for proof of birth for insurance companies or other entities. 


*If the birth certificate application process is delayed for more than 1 year you will have to go through the court system and many other channels to obtain a birth certificate. I urge to complete this process in the first 2-6 weeks after birth