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 Labor Assistant

I am a daughter of a midwife.  I understand the passion and committment that it takes to be a midwife. I am the office manager of this practice. I enjoy photographing births and providing assistance to Roxanne, my mother, at births. I am also a mother of three nearly grown children, all were lovely home births attended by Roxanne. I know the value of a midwife attended birth and I am dedicated towards seeing more women offered the choice to "Call a Midwfe".

Doula, Japanese Interperter 

I recently graduated form the Hawaii Community Colllege with a degree in Hawaiian Studies. I enjoy dancing hula and am very interested in the culture the surrounds this ancient art. I am not a mother yet however I plan children in the future.  I am a new doula and very excited about attending births.  I work as a Japanese interperter and have been asked on occasion to attend briths to help Japanese speaking women understand their birthing options.  I look forward to working with Roxanne in this practice as I gather more information regarding normal birthing practices and perfecting my doula skills.

Doula, Perinatal Massage Therapist

I am a mother of two young children. I have a BA in communication, and Certificate of Massage Therapy.My speciality is perinatal massage. My heart caught fire for attending births in my college years. Most recently I have had the priviledge to attend a few close friends births here on the Big Island with Roxanne as the midwife. I look forward to assisting Roxanne and learning as much as I can about normal birth.

Doula, Japanese Interperter 


Registered Nurse 


I am a mother and grandmother.  I have worked as a midwife for many years and now enjoy working as a nurse and birth assistant. I love working with mothers and babies in my community. 

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