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Free Consultation 

We offer a free consultation early in pregnancy.  This is an intimate visit that enables us to get to know each other, answer questions and to see if our practice is the right fit for you.

Phone & Email Support 

We offer easy access to our midwife and staff by phone, text and email.  We use an on-line shared medical record program so that you have full access to your medical chart.

Prenatal Visits 

We offer 30-60 min personalized prenatal visits. These include physical as well emotional aspects of your developing pregnancy, birth preparation and new baby care. By the end of your pregnancy you would likely attend 11 prenatal including after baby visits.



During labor 

Our midwives are on call 24/7 and readily available when needed. A skilled midwife and birth attendant or nurse will attend your birth in active labor and remain with you throughout the labor and process.  Our midwives and assistants are experts in labor management and labor coaching as desired by our clients.

Newborn care  

We provide an initial newborn exam at bedside after birth and continuous newborn monitoring for 2-4 hours after birth. We make 2 follow up House Call visits at 24 hours and 3 days. During the 3 day visit we offer the newborn screening tests. We also provide a Well Baby office visit at 2 weeks of age.  All newborn exam records are faxed to your pediatrician of choice. We  provide the necessary documentation for birth certificate filling.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Our midwives are expertly trained and have a wealth of experience with breastfeeding and lactation support. Our staff have breastfed themselves and have much anecdotal advice as well as evidenced based knowledge about breastfeeding.

Postpartum Care

Our midwives provide care for 2-6 hours after both mother and baby are stable.  Postpartum follow instructions are provided. A telephone call is provided at 12 hours, along with a house call at 24-36 hours and 3 days after birth to examine both mother and baby.  


Professional Information

We value informed decision making therefore we provide current, up to date, evidenced based care patient education materials that we link up to your medical record for easy access. We also have an extensive leading library.

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