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 In Hawaii , there are several types of midwives available to you.  Which one should you pick?  Well, that depends on the scope of practice and services you need from her.  All midwives provide maternity services, with the focus of providing care to the healthy woman having a normal pregnancy.ied Nurse Midwives are currently licensed to practice midwifery in Hawaii. 


Certified Nurse Midwives in Hawaii have the ability to order lab work, ultrasounds, medications and bill your insurance.  Certified Nurse Midwives in Hawaii are considered by law to be independent Primary Care Providers for Women and Newborns under the age of 28 days. Certified Nurse Midwives practice in collaboration, consultation and transfer of care with other health care providers as indicated by their clients health care needs.  There are several  midwives  available to choose from, but only one Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) practice providing home birth services on the Big Island.  



Midwife care of mother and baby

Midwifery in Hawaii

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