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Birth Kit 

We ask that all our clients purchase a Birth Kit by 34 weeks. The Birth Kit can be ordered on-line or collected individually. It is important to have the Birth Kit available and in plain sight at your home about 3 weeks before your due date.  Remember we may be coming to your house in the wee hours of the night. So be ready.

(Be sure to request the East Hawaii Midwife Service 

or Roxanne Estes Kit)

Birth Kit

(If collecting your own Birth Kit) 

Sterile Gloves size 7 x 10 singles

Chux or large underpads x 24

Large overnighter or Poise vaginal pads (large vaginal pads)

Bulb syringe (2 oz)

Hydrogen Peroxide bottle

Shower Curtain x 2

Large trash bag x 2

Ziplock baggies (large) x 2

Gauze Pads 4 x 4, sterile x 1 box

Unopened bottle of coconut, almond or olive oil (2-4 oz)

Thermometer (fast one)  

Peri bottle or squirt bottle, can use water bottle with nozzle

Povidone (betadine) solution (small bottle)

Pack of 8 wash clothes

Personal Items:

Diapers and wipes

Loose labor clothes, jog top, robe

Underwear x 4 pairs, (Frieda Mama disposable boy short are great) Target or online 

Favorite pillow or blanket if desired 

10 receiving blankets for baby (flannel) provided if birthing at Luana Gardens Birth Home 

Infant car seat

Snack foods:

Juices, coconut water, Recharge is good as it is electrolyte balanced

Light snack foods, yogurt. Miso soup mix, nut butters, bread, cheese, crackers, cookies

Soup makings, potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, other vegetables, broth mix (optional)

Food for partners, family and / or friends, coffee for midwives 

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