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Welcoming your newborn to this world is an exciting time, but if your newborn has jaundice (hyperbilrubinemia) this time can also be stressful. Jaundice treatment can be completed during your stay at the hospital. However, in some cases additional treatments are required which can extend you and your newborn’s stay at the hospital. If your doctor has informed you that your child’s jaundice needs additional treatment, BiliBlanket Rentals can help you continue from the comfort of your own home. We provide phototherapy machines to treat jaundice in newborns so you can be at home bonding with your child.

 Treat Jaundice at Home

with a

Newborn Bili Blanket 

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Inquire about our professional Jaundice care package which includes daily home visits by qualified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. Lab work included as indicated. Daily reports sent to pediatrician of choice. 
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