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Childbirth Workshop Series


Offering  Two day Birth Workshops


Class #1   Choices in Childbirth / The Birth Process


Class #2     The Experience of Birth / Labor Management Skills/ Greeting your Newborn


Our classes offer practical application to assist in creating a pleasant and life enriching Birthing  Experience.  We combine several different teaching methods to help you prepare for a positive birth experience. We include, video presentations, talk story, charts, visualization, art work, music and birth simulations. Our classes are focused on out-of-hospital birth however hospital birthing couples may also attend and learn the value of normal biologic birth. 


Workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings from 5:00- 8:00pm


Classes are on going, so call for upcoming class dates

Please bring a snack to share


Cost $50.00 for series, free for EHMS clients 

Call Chanelle at (808) 935-0211 to your reservation today



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